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About Us

Goandmake SEO Marketing is a young and dynamic company based in Sydney, Australia. We work with a global network of talented content creators, and provide SEO marketing, web development and consulting services.

Our Story

We started with web development for small businesses, and noticed many small business owners have little content for the website, and have no time to write. The biggest pain point is having a website with little traffic, which limits its usefulness.

To address this pain point, we offered copywriting and SEO services to clients, and rebranded to Goandmake SEO Marketing in 2019. The essence of SEO is to create original high quality content, go and make friends with other website owners to promote it. The new brand name explains our SEO strategy.

Over time we have developed our own website builder to speed up the web development process. The website builder relies on technology built around Go, a new programming language, and Make, a traditional program in compiling applications. In fact this website is developed using our website builder. If you are tech-savvy, Goandmake reveals our stack.

Our Core Values

Below are the core values of how we conduct business.

win-win partnership

We believe a win-win relationship lasts longer. Whatever we do, we aim to benefit all parties. This is the foundation of strategic partnership.

value-adding service

We provide a service if we can do it better, or faster, or more cost effectively. By providing the service we add values to clients.

transparent approach

We customise a SEO strategy for clients and are transparent in what we do. This is in contrast to some blackbox practices giving SEO a bad reputation.

Our Location

401 Sussex St,

Shop D2 Sussex Centre,


NSW 2000

Phone: 0420 933 688

Email: [email protected]

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